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theresource 24 August 2020
{:nl}Launch Taxvibes makes tax automation easier{:}{:en}Launch Taxvibes makes tax automation easier{:}

Launch Taxvibes makes tax automation easier

Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to automate their tax processes. Not surprisingly, since tax automation reduces the amount of repetitive manual…

theresource 8 October 2018
{:nl}Voeten in de modder{:}{:en}Voeten in de modder{:}

Voeten in de modder

Hoe is dat eigenlijk, als interim fiscalist aan de slag? Fiscalist Sjef de Wit werkt al jaren op interim-basis en deelt zijn ervaringen. Waarom bevalt het hem…

theresource 19 July 2018
{:nl}De nieuwe leasestandaard & tax{:}{:en}The new lease standard & tax{:}

The new lease standard & tax

New accounting rules for lease accounting will be effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after January 1st, 2019. These new regulations are laid…

theresource 18 July 2018
{:nl}Tax disclosures and IFRS - part I{:}{:en}Tax disclosures and IFRS - part I{:}

Tax disclosures and IFRS – part I

The holiday period is over; we are working our way towards the final two quarter closures of the year. The compulsory disclosures to the financial statements is…

theresource 6 June 2018
{:nl}5 tips voor een geslaagde Return-to-Accrual{:}{:en}5 tips for a successful Return-to-Accrual{:}

5 tips for a successful Return-to-Accrual

The Return-to-Accrual (RTA), also known as True-up of Return-to-Provision, is the ultimate test for the correctness of the year-end figures/performance. This makes…