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VAT Interim Solutions, VAT Compliance & Automation

Our VAT automation, VAT managers, VAT compliance and Customs managers are highly skilled in VAT and various other indirect taxes. They have gained their experience at several positions in industry and advisory. They can give you direct support and add value to your organization. Our interim professionals combine in-depth knowledge of international VAT rules with a strong understanding of your business processes, requirements and challenges.


Fields of expertise


Interim VAT Managers

Our practical VAT managers have extensive in-house experience and keep up to date with pan-European legislation, so they can provide added value right away. They can help with temporary replacement assignments, or support your VAT manager. They can also assist in or initiate VAT projects or VAT audits, or set up a VAT control framework.


VAT Compliance Specialists

We have hands-on VAT compliance specialists available who provide support in the preparation and timely submission of (Dutch and foreign) VAT returns, Intrastat and EC Sales listings. During the assignment they can suggest -if requested – process improvement or changes in your ERP system. This way we offer solutions that meet the needs of your organization. Our VAT compliance professionals have a thorough knowledge of (inter) national VAT rules, supply chain and accounting processes in the different sectors.


Customs & Excise Interim Managers

Our customs- and excise interim managers are experienced in logistical processes, and knowledgeable about international trade legislation. We can assist you with AEO-certification, excise controls or legal procedures. Our customs managers pro-actively think up efficient solutions to automate your processes, and can implement these within your organization.


VAT Automation Specialists

Our VAT automation experts are generally international VAT managers with extensive knowledge of VAT, ERP, and related systems. They help configure, optimize, improve and implement VAT automation solutions, such as Tax Engines or E-Invoicing implementations (e.g. SII). They can act as a link between the Tax, Finance and IT departments within an organization. Once the solutions in question have been implemented, we can also train, and provide training material to, staff.

We work on projects with ERPs and tax software products such as:

  • SAP

  • Oracle

  • Netsuite

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • OneSource

  • Vertex

Do you want to learn more about the VAT services we offer? Or do you want to start as an Interim VAT Professional? Please contact us.

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