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Tax Technology 

An important but time-consuming part of Tax Reporting is collecting data. If this takes place manually, there is a greater risk of errors. How can automation help to improve the Tax Reporting process?

Our experienced specialists support you with:

  • Choosing the right software
  • Guidance during the implementation
  • Training of the team
  • Building tax models and reports
  • Automation of tax reporting processes
  • The Resource Tax Reporting Tool

Tax Technology 

Our approach

Bridge between tax, finance and IT

Automating the tax processes starts with the choice of a system that suits the needs of your organization, now and in the future. Our specialists form a bridge between tax, finance and IT. After selection, we guide you through the implementation process and ensure that your specific needs are properly reflected in the result. When the system is operational, a large data flow starts. To manage this effectively, we support and train your people.

Choose the right tax-reporting software

The market for tax-reporting software is growing rapidly. There are more and more possibilities to automate the tax process: integration into existing EPM systems, spreadsheet solutions or separate tax software. The next steps are robotics and the use of artificial intelligence. We have experience with most reporting and tax solutions, such as Anaplan, CCH Tagetik, Excel, HFM, Longview, Onesource, SAP and Vena.

We help you to choose the right system. What suits the tax process and the existing IT landscape in your organization?

The Resource Tax-Reporting Tool

The Resource has developed its own spreadsheet model: The Resource Tax-Reporting Tool. This tried and true tool can be used as a lighter solution or as a blueprint for an implementation in the existing EPM environment. The model runs on Microsoft Excel, as well as on Google Sheets and OpenOffice.

A thorough approach

Our experienced Tax Reporting specialists speak the language of finance, tax and IT and are happy to assist your organisation in the world of tax reporting. They are highly skilled in technical terms and know the various accounting and reporting solutions. They can quickly come to the core and effectively automate the tax processes in the organisation.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information about the automation of tax processes, feel free to get in touch with Roelf Kloen, Patrick van Gerven or Peter van Tiggele.

Roelf Kloen

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Patrick van Gerven

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Peter van Tiggele

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Patrick Asscher

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