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The Resource bundelt krachten met Finext en Taxtimbre op gebied van Tax Automation

The Resource

The Resource zet met trots de volgende stap in onze tax automation activiteiten. Onder de naam Taxtimbre gaat onze tax accounting-praktijk samenwerken met Finext (finance & technologie) en Taxtimbre (transfer pricing). Zo kunnen we je nog beter helpen rondom het automatiseren van de taxprocessen.

Hieronder het persbericht waarin we onze samenwerking aankondigen. Wil je meer weten? Neem dan contact op met je contactpersoon voor de details.

Taxtimbre’s tax automation capability is broadened with the joining of experts of The Resource.

The current working reality is that Tax is caught between the increasing draconian tax reporting requirements and the call for more transparency. The pressure increases by the fact that tax authorities are working towards more electronic data uploads and filings, also for direct taxes. To forge a stronger connection between technology, finance and tax, Taxtimbre and The Resource are combining their tax automation businesses.

“Even just two to three years ago, tax automation within direct taxes was very incidental, but companies have started with real efforts to transform from silo departments to integrated business processes,” says Monica Erasmus-Koen, partner Transfer Pricing at Taxtimbre. ”Last year, we already made the step to combine the technology power of Finext with the transfer pricing expertise of Tytho. Now, we’re joining forces with the specialists in tax accounting automation of The Resource, which expands our expertise even further. This enables us to play an active role in this transformation process.”

The next step in tax reporting

“In addition to becoming more demanding, corporate tax reporting is also getting more and more entwined with finance. Connecting tax, finance and IT is essential for the next step in tax reporting,” says Patrick van Gerven, partner at The Resource.

The Resource has been active in the tax accounting automation business for several years. “The combination of our business with that of Taxtimbre enables us to work closely together with specialists in the transfer pricing and technology fields,” says Roelf Kloen, also partner at The Resource. “By combining our knowledge and experience, we can help organizations to create a smooth and effective tax end-to-end process.”

Upcoming tax technology

The field of tax technology is changing rapidly. “There is a growing number of specialized tax tools, so called ‘point solutions’, as well as more and more Performance Management solutions with a built-in tax application,” explains Benno van Ingen, partner Performance Management Solutions at Taxtimbre.

Taxtimbre not only implements tax tools, but also advices about tool selection and the integration between the various systems used within the organization. To enable objective advice, Taxtimbre is independent of software vendors. Benno van Ingen: “The best results are often found through the right combination of tax and Performance Management tools, and the integration of these tools with the existing ERP or EPM systems.”

The right orchestration of experts

The joint-venture will use the name Taxtimbre for all its tax automation activities. Monica Erasmus-Koen: “At the core of our DNA is ‘timbre’. Just like any good song requires a careful orchestration of instruments and vocals, every individual professional has his or her own, unique specialization and contribution. By bringing these experts together, the stage is set to help companies transform their tax process.”

About Taxtimbre
Your tax team should not waste valuable time on recurring and mundane tasks. Automating your tax processes reduces the workload, improves regulatory compliance and supports factual decision making. This enables your team to move activities up the tax value chain.

At Taxtimbre, we truly understand the different elements of tax automation. We bridge the gap between tax, finance and IT. With an open mind and a pragmatic approach. And by selecting and implementing the right software. We help you build smart transfer pricing solutions, transparent tax accounting and a reliable end-to-end tax reporting process.

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