About us

The Resource exclusively recruits for tax positions in industry and tax advisory firms. All of our partners and associates have a background in tax. 

It is important for us to understand the tax needs and culture of our clients. With the support of The Resource you will find the candidate best suited for the vacancy at your company, timely and efficiently.

Our approach

Our search and selection method has different stages, but each vacancy is unique and has its own dynamics and timeline. Jointly we tailor the most appropriate process for your specific needs.

Generally, we distinguish different fases in a procedure:

  • Introduction and Profile

We start with a live meeting with the client, discussing the position, profile, ideal candidate, the organization and its culture. We provide an overview of market salaries while determining the remuneration level. We give a realistic estimation of the expected timeframe. We liaise on the way to advertise the position, including the optimal use of social media.

  • Search & Selection

On the basis of the initial meeting and agreed profile we start a (pre)selection of the most suitable candidates. We primarily use our extensive network and The Resource own website and -if agreed- selectively advertise in tax journals and use social media.

  • Presentation of candidates

Within 2-3 weeks we present a first selection of candidates. They have always been interviewed by us personally and we normally follow our candidates throughout their tax career. We provide you with the original individual CV's (only after permission of the candidate) and a The Resource summary profile. We discuss the shortlist with you and jointly decide who to invite for the interviews.

  • Managing the procedure

We stay actively involved during the remainder of the process. If desired, we can advise you on all matters relating to subsequent steps, inlcuding making an offer. Our goal is that you and the candidate will be successfully working together for a long period of time.

Our conditions

For our services we charge a fee on a “No Solution No Pay” basis. In general, we work on the basis of exclusivity for a short period. Accordingly candidates are informed via one channel only in a serious and accurate manner about the position and the procedure.

We strive to have long lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. If you like to know more about the fees and garantees please contact us.