Our services

We can support you with:

  • Preparation of difficult fiscal unity tax returns or a large amount of smaller tax returns;
  • Fulfil the backlog in your tax return filings;
  • The annual tax return process;
  • Outsourcing of (complex) corporate income tax returns;
  • Efficient setup of the tax return process.

Tax Compliance

The Tax Compliance specialists of the Resource can support your compliance process on a temporary basis. Our professionals can assist you with the annual preparation of your corporate income tax return or to solve a backlog in filing. This can be done by assigning our specialists to your offices, but you can also completely outsource your tax compliance to us.


Our Tax Compliance specialists have extensive experience within the Big 4 added with practical experience as in-house tax expert. They have a solid accounting knowledge and can easily get to the point. The have gained experience with various accounting and tax return software. Our Tax Compliance specialists can find their way in the organisation quickly and can work efficient and effective. Our experienced specialists are available flexible and at an attractive price quality ratio.